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OSHC – How to save money on your travel

9 June, 2015

OSHC – The Health Insurance for International Students in Australia

Welcome to my first ever English blog post. I’m still developing my English, but OSHC is something almost every international student (not just Brazilians like me) needs to be able to study in Australia. So I thought I’d see how I go.

We always think that nothing bad will ever happen to us (the famous sentence “this will never happen to me“), that we wont get sick, hurt etc. Until that ‘bad luck day’ comes and we need a doctor to call you “mate” here in Australia.

For almost all students that arrive here there is a mandatory a health insurance called OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover). This item will be in all exchange program quotations that you get. It will be listed as a mandatory cost, which varies depending on the length of your stay.

What many don’t know is that you have a choice about this cost. There are 5 different types of OSHC insurers here in Australia and each one of them has different prices and slightly different services. It is worth checking each one of them, to compare prices and possibly save some dollars when you’re figuring out that dream package to come and study in Australia.

I found a very interesting site, OSHC Australia (click to see the website) where you can put in your travel dates, compare all the prices and see what benefits each insurer covers you for. Their blog is also pretty useful. One of their posts goes into detail about everything you need to know about OSHC: Blog OSHC


You may think this info should not be taken seriously, but believe me, a large amount of money could be saved when you choose the provider that best suits your needs. Here in Australia every penny is worth a lot. Compare all info and do all your budget math, taking into account theses expenses so you wont get lost in costs before you even arrive in Australia.

I hope that it will greatly help you. Thank you for following! Cheers!